Applied Knowledge Test (2023)

Bring ID

You must bring the following two forms of ID to the test centre:

  • primary ID - photographic, for example international or UK travel passport, driver’s license, military ID or identification card
  • secondary ID - any ID containing at least name and signature, for example a current credit or debit card

For further information, including a full list of acceptable ID, please seePearson VUE’s ID policy (PDF file, 257 KB).

The names on your ID mustmatch exactlywith the names you used on your RCGP application. If they're different, you must bring an original official document linking the two names. For example, if one is your maiden name and one your married name, bring a marriage certificate.

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Without the required ID, you will not be ableto take the test. Plan ahead to avoid unnecessary distress. before the exam date if you have any doubts.

Arrive on time

You must arrive at the test centre on time. If you arrive late, you will not be allowed to take the test.

Please check transport and parking in advance because there is no flexibility on admission times.

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The confirmation email from Pearson VUE will provide further information about timings.

Personal belongings

You cannot bring personal items into the test room. This includes:

  • Bags
  • Coats
  • Calculators
  • Books
  • Notes
  • Mobile phones
  • Electronic equipment including laptops, tablets and pagers
  • Watches
  • Wallets or purses
  • Food and drink

Personal items must be left in a locker and your mobile phone switched off.

Some comfort aids are permitted by Pearson VUE without prior permission:Pearson VUE comfort aid list (PDF file, 139 KB)

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Test security

All tests are confidential to the RCGP. To maintain the security of the test, you’ll need tosign a non-disclosure agreement (PDF file, 127 KB).

If you take the test in the morning session, you cannotleave the test area until the afternoon candidates have arrived for their test.

Pearson VUE uses CCTV cameras to prevent violations of test security.

Taking the test

You will take the test at a computer workstation.

(Video) Revision tips for the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) - how to pass!

Before the test begins, you will complete a brief tutorial to familiarise yourself with the format of the test and the computer system.

You canleave the test room for water or to visit the toilet, but no additional time will be given.

Pearson VUE and COVID-19

ThePearson VUE websitecontains further information about the testing day, including details of the current COVID-19 measures in place in Pearson VUE test centres across the 4 nations.

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How many attempts are allowed in AKT? ›

Who can take the AKT? You can take the AKT during or after the ST2 stage of GP training. A maximum of four attempts is allowed if you entered GP Specialty Training on or after 1 August 2010.

How much time to prepare for AKT? ›

Underestimate the time needed for revision: at least 3 months are needed to revise for the AKT, but if your home life or your placement is particularly busy you should dedicate more time, trainees commonly start revising 4-6 months before the exam.

What is the applied knowledge test? ›

The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) is a summative assessment of the knowledge base that underpins independent General Practice in the United Kingdom within the context of the National Health Service.

What is the passmark for akt? ›

The passing score has ranged between 138 to 142 marks since January 2021, so a good AKT score is anything surplus of 142. For trainees interested in the Fraser Rose Medal scoring highly in the MRCGP AKT is essential.

How many people fail Akt? ›

The MRCGP AKT is a tricky exam, and at least 50% of exam takers have previously failed the MRCGP AKT. In the last six sittings of the MRCGP AKT, the pass rate has ranged from 64 to 70%, meaning that approximately one in three GP trainees will fail the MRCGP AKT.

How is AKT scored? ›

After detailed instructions and examples of scoring, each participant individually judges all the 200 questions in the AKT and scores the likelihood of the “just passing candidate” getting each question correct. The scores are collated and a mean score calculated with one standard error of measurement added.

Can you use a calculator in the AKT? ›

The RCGP advises that an on-screen calculator will be made available at the request of candidates, but any calculation within the AKT will require only simple basic arithmetic and most candidates should not need to use the calculator.

How long is AKT valid for? ›

Examination passes which expire during Targeted GP Training

The currency of all MRCGP AKT and CSA passes is seven years in line with the GMC's expectations about the currency of national professional examinations.

How much does the AKT cost? ›

The cost is currently set at £459.00.

Can I cancel my Akt exam? ›

Exam cancellations and refunds

Candidates can withdraw from the AKT any time prior to the day of the assessment and the RCA any time prior to the submission of their consultations.

How is Akt regulated? ›

Akt activity is well-known regulated through its phosphorylation at T308 and S473 by PDK1 and mTORC2, respectively.

What is the full form of Akt? ›

In 2011, a mutation in AKT1 was strongly associated with Proteus syndrome, the disease that probably affected the Elephant Man. The name Akt stands for Ak strain transforming.


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