Doctor Salary in UK - Everything You Need To Know (2023)

Doctors are needed worldwide in great demand as they are necessary for the survival of our society, primarily to support the recovery of people posts the Covid 19 pandemic. There are many specialities medical students can choose from. These include cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, trauma and orthopaedics, general medicine, etc. The demand for doctors in the UK is growing constantly. Doctor salary in the UK depends on the career level you are in as well on the hours in your rota.

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A doctor in the UK needs to go through the following educational qualifications before starting their practice:

  • Undergraduate Degree – Bachelor’s in Medicine
  • Graduate Degree – MSc in Medical Education, MSc in Genomic Medicine, MSc in Clinical Dermatology, MSc in Psychiatry, MSc in Molecular Medicine, MSc in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, PG Certificate in Medical Education, MSc in Nanomedicine, Master in Medicine, MSc in Experimental Medicine, MSc in Cancer Medicine, PG Diploma in Genomic Medicine.
  • Doctoral Degree – Doctor of Philosophy in Psychological Medicine, Medical Science by Research PhD in Medicine, PhD in Medical Informatics

In this blog, we will look at the average doctor salary in UK, and how the compensation varies as per different factors such as cities, states, years of work experience, and more.

Job Responsibilities of a Doctor

The job responsibilities of a doctor registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) UK who are in charge of running their own practices include:

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  • Care for the patient and improve life expectancy.
  • Recognising the limits of your competence and working at your best within it.
  • Take prompt action if the safety, comfort, or dignity is being compromised.
  • Protecting and promoting the health of the patients and the public.
  • Respecting the right to the confidentiality of a patient.

Average Doctor Salary in UK

Doctor salary in UK ranges from 61,300 GBP, being the lowest salary to 282,000 GBP, being the highest salary. An average doctor’s salary in the UK is around 76,300 GBP per year. This average annual salary includes transport, housing, and other benefits. A doctor’s salary in the United Kingdom also varies with the speciality and role in the career in the UK.

An experienced doctor in the UK can earn up to 121,300 GBP per year. Doctors with experience of about 20 years or more can earn up to 143,200 GBP. An MBBS doctor’s salary in the UK per month can range from 2,560 GBP, being the lowest salary to 9,750, being the highest.

Pay Banding

The given salaries in the article are the base salaries that can vary depending on the number of extra hours the doctors work or the additional responsibilities they take up. Pay Banding is a way of calculating the pay for overtime. If a doctor has worked more than their designated 40 hours per week, they are eligible to receive a pay supplement or additional pay on their pay scale in addition to basic income.

Distribution of Doctor Salary in UK

The median salary of doctors in the United Kingdom is around 160,000 GBP per year. This means 50 per cent of the people working as doctors in the UK earn less than 160,000 while the remaining 50 per cent of the people earn more than 160,000 GBP.

  • Over 25% of people working as a doctor in the UK earn less than 99,600 GBP while 75% of the doctors earn more than 99,600 GBP.
  • Over 25% of people working as a doctor in the UK earn more than 212,000 GBP.
  • The average doctor’s salary in the UK per month is around 4,400 GBP.

Doctor Salary in UK as Per the Speciality

Doctor Salary in UK also varies with their speciality which includes General practitioners (GP), doctors in training, consultant, and speciality doctors. The difference in the doctor salary in UK based on their speciality is as follows:

  • Advanced Nutrition Aide – Average 104,000 GBP per year
  • Advanced Practice Provider – Average 101,000 GBP per year
  • Allergist – Average 130,000 GBP per year
  • Behavioral Health Specialist – Average 80,200 GBP per year
  • Chiropractor – Average 88,000 GBP per year
  • Clinical Psychologist – Average 222,000 GBP per year
  • Correctional Treatment Specialist – Average 129,000 GBP per year
  • Counselling Psychologist – Average 177,000 GBP per year
  • Dermatologist – Average 223,000 GBP per year
  • Dietitian – Average 134,000 GBP per year
  • Doctor – Average 180,000 GBP per year
  • Emergency Department Physician – Average 154,000 GBP per year
  • Exercise Physiologist – Average 167,000 GBP per year
  • Forensic Pathologist – Average 198,000 GBP per year
  • General Medical Practitioner – Average 138,000 GBP per year
  • Genetic Counselor – Average 119,000 GBP per year
  • Internist – Average 225,000 GBP per year
  • Interventionist – Average 222,000 GBP per year
  • Invasive Cardiologist – Average 276,000 GBP per year
  • Paediatrician – Average 175,000 GBP per year
  • Physical Therapist – Average 118,000 GBP per year
  • Physical Therapy Director – Average 140,000 GBP per year
  • Physician – Anesthesiology – Average 242,000 GBP per year
  • Physician – Cardiology – Average 267,000 GBP per year
  • Mental Health Therapist – Average 131,000 GBP per year
  • Obstetrician / Gynecologist – Average 190,000 GBP per year
  • Ophthalmologist – Average 156,000 GBP per year
  • Optometrist – Average 153,000 GBP per year
  • Naturopathic Physician – Average 222,000 GBP per year
  • Neurologist – Average 214,000 GBP per year
  • Neurophysiology Technologist – Average 61,800 GBP per year
  • Occupational Health Safety Specialist – Average 102,000 GBP per year
  • Nuclear Medicine Physician – Average 184,000 GBP per year
  • Vision Rehabilitation Therapist – Average 120,000 GBP per year
  • Urologist – Average 255,000 GBP per year
  • Skin Care Specialist – Average 109,000 GBP per year
  • Registered Respiratory Therapist – Average 115,000 GBP per year
  • Psychologist – Average 193,000 GBP per year
  • Psychiatrist – Average 183,000 GBP per year

Most overseas doctors start their medical career in the UK in a trust doctor role for a fixed term before they take up the training position. It is also referred to as the service post. The service posts include consultant, SAS doctor, or Trust doctor posts that are equivalent to ST1/2, FY2, and ST3+. As per the NHS Trust, the average salaries of doctors for the progression posts given on the NHS Employers Website are:

Doctors in Training

As a doctor in training, an individual can earn a basic salary by working up to 40 hours per week and is also paid for the additional working hours or overtime. 37% more on basic pay is provided for nights; a weekend allowance is given for the weekend work. Doctors in training include doctors in F1 and F2 and the doctors in specialist training.

  • FY1 and FY2 – In the post of the most junior trainee or junior doctor in a hospital of Foundation Year 1 (F1), the average annual salary can be 29,384 GBP which can increase to 34,012 GBP in the second year (F2).
  • Specialty Registrar or Specialty Doctor (StR) (Core Training) – A speciality registrar or a doctor in speciality training can earn a basic salary of 40,257 GBP to 58,398 GBP.


Consultants in UK can earn from 84,559 GBP to 114,003 GBP per year. They are also compensated for additional duties and are eligible for clinical excellence awards. Consultants can also do private practice in addition to their work.

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MBBS Doctor Salary in UK Per Month

An MBBS doctor in the UK can earn a monthly salary as follows:

  • A trainee doctor can make up to 1,820 GBP per month.
  • An experienced MBBS doctor’s salary in the UK per month can be 6,640 GBP.
  • The average MBBS doctor’s salary in the UK per month is about 4,400 GBP.

Doctor Salary in UK by Years of Experience

The number of years of experience is an important factor in determining a person’s salary. Naturally, the more years of work or job experience you have, the higher your wage will be as you will be more eligible for higher-level roles in an organisation.

  • Doctors with less than two years of experience can earn about 56,700 USD per year.
  • A doctor with an experience level of two to five years can earn about 32% more than the juniors and freshers across all disciplines and industries.
  • An experience level ranging from five to ten years can make a doctor eligible to earn about 36% more than one with 2 to 5 years of experience.
  • Doctors with ten years of work experience see a 21% salary hike and a 14% hike for the ones with around 15 years of work experience.

Top Companies for Doctors in the UK

Some of the top companies, hospitals, or organisations for doctors in the UK are as follows:

  • Ryminster Medical Services – 117,285 GBP
  • Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust – 93,058 GBP
  • Cygnet Health Care – 81,893 GBP
  • King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – 80,511 GBP
  • St Andrew’s Healthcare – 80,000 GBP

Highest Paying Cities for Doctors in the UK

Some of the highest paying cities for doctors in the United Kingdom are:

  • London – Average 203,000 GBP per year
  • Leeds – Average 201,000 GBP per year
  • Sheffield – Average 200,000 GBP per year
  • Birmingham – Average 200,000 GBP per year
  • Bristol – Average 197,000 GBP per year
  • Leicester – Average 194,000 GBP per year
  • Kingston upon Hull – Average 190,000 GBP per year
  • Coventry – Average 190,000 GBP per year
  • Bradford – Average 189,000 GBP per year
  • Glasgow – Average 186,000 GBP per year
  • Derby – Average 185,000 GBP per year
  • Brighton – Average 184,000 GBP per year
  • Cardiff – Average 182,000 GBP per year
  • Edinburgh – Average 181,000 GBP per year
  • Belfast – Average 176,000 GBP per year
  • Liverpool – Average 165,833 GBP per month
  • Exeter – Average 143,333 GBP per month

Doctor Salary in UK by State

The average salary of a doctor in the United Kingdom-based on the state they are practising in is as follows:

  • England – 317,000 GBP per year
  • Scotland – 234,000 GBP per year
  • Wales – 159,000 GBP per year
  • Northern Ireland – 152,000 GBP per year

Career Paths for a Doctor in the UK

The career pathway for a doctor in the UK is as follows:

1. After graduating from medical school, a doctor in the UK has to undergo two years of foundation year training, known as FY1 and FY2.

2. After the foundation training, the doctors have to complete core training which generally takes 2 to 3 years.

3. Then they have to do registrar training or speciality training, which is an additional training of 3 to 4 years based on the chosen speciality.

4. After all this training, the doctors can become consultants.

Most common Benefits for Doctors in the UK

Some of the most common benefits guaranteed to UK doctors are:

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  • Paid annual leave + 8 days of bank holidays
  • Paid study leave
  • Study budget
  • Part-time training
  • Health insurance
  • Pension scheme
  • Dental and optical insurance


The average doctor’s salary in UK is about 57 per cent more than other jobs in the Health and Medical sector. The doctors working in the public sector can earn approximately 4 per cent more than those in the private sector. In addition to the fixed-job hours, doctors can also take up extra shifts and hours, mostly known as locum shifts or duties, to earn more supplement income on top of your basic pay.

General practitioners in the UK can work as independent consultants, who run their businesses working as a partner GP, or they can work in primary care organisations. The average salary for GP partners is £103,800. You can also opt for an advanced doctorate degree or PhD in medicine in a specialised field to advance your career and get a boost in terms of benefits and salaries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which colleges or universities are best for pursuing a medical degree in the United Kingdom?

The top medical colleges in the UK with high worldwide QS rankings and their top medical courses are as given below:
University of Oxford – Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products DPhil and Chemistry in Cells: New Technologies to Probe Complex Biology and Medicine
The University of Cambridge – Graduate Course in Medicine (A101) and Standard Course in Medicine (A100)
University of Edinburgh – Medicine (6-year program) (MBChB) and BSc Medical Sciences
The University of Manchester – Medical and Molecular Virology and Medical and Health Education
Queen’s University Belfast – Advanced Pharmacy Practice, PgDip and Advanced Professional and Clinical Practice, MSc

What are the various specialisation categories offered by the medical colleges in the United Kingdom?

The specialisation categories that the top medical colleges in the UK offer are:
Clinical Oncology
Clinical Radiology
Emergency Medicine
General Practice
Intensive Care Medicine
Medical Oncology
Nuclear Medicine
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Public Health

What are some top medical career options an aspiring doctor can opt for?

The top job opportunities for medical students in the UK are:
Neurologist – 423,000 GBP per year
Clinical Therapist – 219,000 GBP per year
General Medical Practitioner – 267,000 GBP per year
Medical Office Assistant – 90,400 GBP per year
Surgeon Orthopedic – 584,000 GBP per year

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How are doctors paid by in the UK? ›

The average salary for a doctor working in the UK is approximately £76,000. NHS basic pay starts at £29,000 for a newly qualified doctor and goes all the way up to £114,000 for an experienced consultant. In addition to experience, the field a doctor works in as well as their hours will have bearings on their pay.

What type of doctor gets paid the most UK? ›

10 of the highest paying medical jobs in the UK
  1. Medical director. National average salary: £103,637 per year. ...
  2. Neurosurgeon. National average salary: £94,434 per year. ...
  3. Anaesthetist. National average salary: £93,923 per year. ...
  4. Plastic surgeon. ...
  5. Psychiatrist. ...
  6. Cardiologist. ...
  7. Director of nursing. ...
  8. Clinical director.
Feb 21, 2023

Is working in UK as a doctor worth it? ›

Is Medicine Worth It? There are significant downsides to being a doctor in the NHS. Long training times, long working hours, relatively low pay for the first few years and the constant threat of litigation.

Do doctors in UK pay tax? ›

Here is a worked example for a doctor earning £70,000 per annum: 20% of £12,570 - £50,270 = £7,540. 40% of £50,271 - £70,000 = £7,891. Total Tax on £70,000 = £15,431.

Can UK doctors work in USA? ›

Can a UK doctor work in the USA? The simple answer is yes! UK doctors can work in the USA but the process can be arduous and the competition is high, especially for international medical graduates (IMGs), but it is not impossible!

What is the retirement age for doctors in the UK? ›

The average actual retirement age (including those who had retired but subsequently returned) was 59.6 years (men 59.9, women 58.9). Psychiatrists (58.3) and general practitioners (GPs) (59.5) retired at a slightly younger age than radiologists (60.4), surgeons (60.1) and hospital specialists (60.0).

Do surgeons get paid more than doctors UK? ›

Surgeons rank at the top of the payscale

If you're working as a speciality doctor you earn a basic salary of between £40,037 and £74,661.

Which doctors are most in demand UK? ›

Core Medical Specialties in the UK – 5 Highly Sought-After UK Medical Specialties
  • Oncology. The sad reality is that we will always need oncologists as cancer is such a prominent disease here in the UK, and sadly, in other parts of the world. ...
  • Child Psychiatry. ...
  • Ophthalmology. ...
  • Radiology. ...
  • Haematology.
May 17, 2022

Is UK or US medicine better? ›

The US and the UK both have excellent medical school programs. While they differ a bit in structure, the time it takes to become a doctor is similar in either country.

Is USA better than UK for doctors? ›

I'm guessing you are an American and you might not like to hear the true answer to your question but UK (and most European) Doctors (and especially surgeons) are generally regarded as better than those in the US because they train for longer under a more stringent regime and they specialise later.

Are doctors wealthy in the UK? ›

Over 25% of people working as a doctor in the UK earn less than 99,600 GBP while 75% of the doctors earn more than 99,600 GBP. Over 25% of people working as a doctor in the UK earn more than 212,000 GBP. The average doctor's salary in the UK per month is around 4,400 GBP.

Do doctors live comfortably in UK? ›

While the cost of energy bills and food shops might be on the rise, doctors still earn a very competitive salary, so if you move to the UK to become an NHS doctor, you can expect to live very comfortably.

Are doctors overworked UK? ›

Junior doctors are overworked to exhaustion as a result of dangerous staffing shortages and a shocking under-investment in the health service by recent governments.” “The longer these problems remain unsolved, the more doctors and nurses will quit, exacerbating the situation further.

What benefits do doctors get UK? ›

  • 10 perks of working as a doctor in the NHS. Finances, Working in the UK. ...
  • Annual leave. In the UK, you are entitled to paid annual leave every year + 8 days of paid bank holidays. ...
  • Study leave. ...
  • Study budget. ...
  • Study sessions. ...
  • Sick leave. ...
  • Maternity and Paternity leave. ...
  • Part-time training.

Do doctors get paid during residency in UK? ›

The average resident doctor salary in the United Kingdom is £65,000 per year or £33.33 per hour. Entry level positions start at £60,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £75,000 per year.

How much is the average doctor pension UK? ›

The reforms still provide an excellent pension.

The current NHS pension scheme provides the average full time consultant retiring at 60 with a pension of over £43,000 a year for life and a tax free lump sum of around £135,000.

Why are doctors underpaid in UK? ›

It's a supply and demand thing. The government has a duty to the taxpayer to get value for money in healthcare. If, as you say, there is intense competition to become a doctor.

How do UK doctors move to USA? ›

IMGs (international medical graduates) need certification from the ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) to be eligible to apply for and enroll in a GME program. Completion of one to three years of GME is required to apply for licensure to practice medicine.

How do you become a doctor in the UK as an American? ›

How To Become A Doctor In The UK – 7 Tips For International Medical School Applicants
  1. Plan Ahead. Applying to Medicine can be a process which spans several months. ...
  2. Identify Your Options. ...
  3. Consider Studying Abroad. ...
  4. Get Work Experience. ...
  5. Apply to up to 4 Medical Schools. ...
  6. Take the UKCAT. ...
  7. Apply Through UCAS.

Can I immigrate to UK as a doctor? ›

You can immigrate to the UK as a doctor and work if you are a doctor and an EEA national. To go to the United Kingdom and work as a doctor, you do not need to apply for a visa or have a job offer in hand. But, you must pass the English proficiency test.

How many years do I have to work in the UK to get a pension? ›

You'll usually need at least 10 qualifying years on your National Insurance record to get any State Pension. You'll need 35 qualifying years to get the full new State Pension. You'll get a proportion of the new State Pension if you have between 10 and 35 qualifying years.

How many years do I have to work to get a full NHS pension? ›

For members who elect to contribute to the scheme after they have attained 45 years pensionable membership, any benefits payable will be assessed taking into account the reckonable pay up to the date they cease contributing to the scheme/retire. Pension benefits will be calculated using the most beneficial 45 years.

Do doctors get pensions UK? ›

If you are a GP or GDP in the 1995 NHS Pension Scheme, you will receive an annual pension based on 1.4% of your total uprated earnings.

In which country do doctors make the most money? ›

In addition to Luxembourg, there are four other countries where specialists were paid more than €150,000 in 2020. They are Ireland (€172,882), the Netherlands (€160,869), Denmark (€156,061), and Iceland (€155,276). Germany (€146,200) and the UK (€136,375) followed closely.

Who earns more dentist or doctor UK? ›

By contrast, doctors took home £74,588 this year and dentists £59,669.
20 highest paying professions of 2021.
JobAverage annual salary% change from 2020
Chief executives£130,7347.6%
Train & tram drivers£58,2562.1%
18 more rows
Oct 29, 2021

How many years does it take to become a doctor UK? ›

Courses normally last five years, or four years for a graduate entry programme. They involve basic medical sciences as well as clinical training on the wards. After graduation, you'll enter the two-year Foundation Programme. You'll be provisionally registered with a licence to practise while completing the first year.

Is UK in shortage of doctors? ›

High vacancies. The NHS has long carried a stubbornly high number of unfilled vacancies, a problem that far predates the pandemic. As of December 2022, there were around 124,000 vacancies in secondary care in England. Of these, 8,728 vacancies were medical, which means 5.9% of all medical posts were vacant.

Where is the best place to work as a doctor in the UK? ›

Indeed, London is home to many of the most prestigious NHS hospitals in the world and we work with multiple NHS Trusts across Central and Greater London who offer fantastic opportunities for doctors from overseas who wish to grow their careers.

Is it easier to get into med school in the UK or US? ›

3. Is getting into medical school in the UK easier or harder than in the US? Admission to medical school in both countries is extremely competitive, but the average medical school acceptance rates in the US are lower than those in the UK.

Is medicine the hardest degree UK? ›

It's no secret that Medicine is one of the hardest degrees in the world, not least because courses are so competitive. UCAS figures show that 29,710 people applied to study medicine in the UK in 2022. The number of applicants from the four countries of the UK shot up 3.5% from last year.

Is med school harder in US or UK? ›

Looking at the overall numbers, I'd argue it's tougher to get into US medical school than UK - there does seem to be more competition, with a tough pre-med program to get through and then extensive selection in the US meaning that many fall by the wayside.

Are US doctors the best in the world? ›

Even though it is widely assumed that the best doctors in the world are in the United States, there are plenty of other countries that have great doctors as well. For example, Japan and South Korea are known for having strong medical systems.

Is healthcare cheaper in the UK or US? ›

Costs of healthcare: UK vs USA

Treatment costs in the USA are a lot more than private surgery costs here in the UK, with cancer-related treatments costing up to five times more in the USA than if you were being treated privately in the UK.

Is med school free in the UK? ›

Most medical schools in England and Wales charge home students tuition fees of £9,250 per year. Schools in Northern Ireland and Scotland differ, depending on where you are from. This may seem like a lot, but every full-time UK or EU student is entitled to a tuition fee loan to fund these costs.

How much are doctors paid in UK monthly? ›

Doctor Salary in the UK

The average salary for a Doctor is £76,300 gross per year (£4,400 net per month), which is £46,700 (+158%) higher than the UK's national average salary. A Doctor can expect an average starting salary of £40,050.

What are the working hours of a doctor in the UK? ›

Hours of work can vary from speciality to speciality. Some may have straightforward hours of 9 am-5 pm, 8 am-4 pm, or 8 am-6 pm for the normal working day (NWD). Less acute specialities typically only have two sets of hours to take into consideration: Normal Wording Day.

Is being a doctor stressful UK? ›

They cited increased workloads, mental health and wellbeing, and staff shortages as the main reasons. Stress levels have reached an almost unsustainable point in the health workforce. Doctors urgently need recognition, reassurance and realism from the government.

How many days off do doctors get UK? ›

All employees are entitled to statutory paid annual leave of 5.6 weeks per annum, or 28 days, which can include public holidays.

How many hours do doctors work a week UK? ›

Working Week in Practice
ST3 old contract 40 hours plus oohEducationDirect Patient Contact
100%12 hours21 hours
80% (32 hours total)9 hours 30 minutes17 hours
60% (24 hours total)7 hours 15 minutes12 hours 30 minutes
ST1/2 new contract 36.5 hours*EducationDirect Patient Contact
3 more rows
Nov 9, 2022

Do doctors in UK work long hours? ›

On average, a doctor in the UK is contracted to work 40 hours per week. This figure however varies depending on whether the doctor is in training, what specialty they work in and their individual contract. Many doctors also work uncontracted overtime on a regular basis.

How many UK doctors leave the profession? ›

A spokesperson for the Department for Health and Social Care told Sky News that there are record numbers of doctors working in the NHS. But a record number are resigning too. In England last year, 3,229 doctors resigned from the NHS, with 341 citing burnout as the reason - double what it was a decade ago.

Do doctors earn more in US or UK? ›

Doctors in the US earn more than 3 times as UK doctors. Below is a table that compares how much UK and US doctors earn. Note that the US salaries are given in dollars while the UK salaries are given in pounds.
Quick Comparison: US vs UK.
US ($)UK (£)
Starting Salary68K28K
Average Salary294K66K

How much free time do doctors have UK? ›

Doctors in the NHS will get roughly 30-40 days off each year. The number of days off a doctor gets depends on when they signed their contract and at what level of training they are. Junior doctors initially only get 27 days of leave whereas consultants generally get 6 weeks off.

Why do doctors move to UK? ›

The NHS is considered to be one of the most prestigious healthcare systems in the world. ​ It is world-renowned for being at the forefront of patient care and cutting edge healthcare technology. This is one of the main reasons why so many doctors and nurses are keen to relocate to the UK.

Do doctors get paid per patient UK? ›

The global sum payment for each practice is based on a weighted sum for every patient on the practice list. The Carr-Hill formula is used to apply these weightings, which account for factors such as age and gender. The global sum amount is reviewed quarterly to account for changes to the practice's patient population.

Are UK doctors paid to prescribe drugs? ›

' reports the Lancet. QOF bonuses account for between 8 and 20 per cent of a GPs salary, funded by your taxes –estimated as a £2000 annual tax bill for each household. In other words you, not the drug companies, effectively are paying the commission for prescribing ineffective drugs.

Do you pay medical bills in England? ›

All English residents are automatically entitled to free public health care through the National Health Service, including hospital, physician, and mental health care. The National Health Service budget is funded primarily through general taxation.

Is medicine free in UK? ›

In England, most working-age adults have to pay prescription charges. Certain groups are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and some prescribed items are always free, including contraceptives and medication for hospital inpatients.

Do you pay for hospital prescriptions UK? ›

Most adults in England have to pay prescription charges. Some items are always free, including contraceptives and medicines prescribed for hospital inpatients. The current prescription charge is £9.35 per item.

How much does a GP get paid per prescription UK? ›

GP practices in England received an average of £155 per patient this financial year, official data has shown. In its annual report on NHS payments to general practice, published today, NHS Digital revealed that 7,001 practices in England were paid on average £155.46 per registered patient in 2019/20.

Does the UK accept foreign doctors? ›

The GMC uses the PLAB test to ensure that international doctors have the basic medical competence and communication skills to practise in the UK. Doctors wishing to take the PLAB test must have already successfully completed the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or Occupational English Test (OET).

Can a US citizen get free healthcare in UK? ›

IMPORTANT: Anyone in the UK can receive treatment at an NHS facility, no matter their residency status. However, tourist visitors to the UK do not typically qualify for free NHS treatment. Any care beyond emergency treatment and certain other services will likely incur a fee.

What is free in UK? ›

All of Britain's national museums (not just the ones in London) are free to everyone, every day of the year. There's also free access to most of the nature reserves and state-run parks, as well, where you can hike, bike, search for animals, and walk on the beach.

Do foreigners get free healthcare in UK? ›

They are entitled to free NHS services, including NHS hospital care, except for services for which a UK ordinary resident must also pay, such as dentistry and prescriptions in England, and assisted conception services.


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