FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Center (2023)

For $18 USD, users may move characters between Worlds of their choosing. For further details, please review the Home World Transfer Service guidelines.

How do I initiate a Home World Transfer?

Before requesting a Home World Transfer, please check the Server Status on The Lodestone ( for the current status of Congested and Preferred Worlds. It is possible that users will not be able to transfer to Worlds that are currently listed as Congested Worlds, so ensure that the Home World you wish to transfer to is not listed as Congested.

To initiate a Home World Transfer, please do the following:

1) Log into the intended SQUARE ENIX Account on the Mog Station. (

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* If you possess multiple service accounts, you will be taken to the service account selection screen. Please carefully navigate through the tabs and select the correct service account you intend on using the service for, then select "Use This Service Account."

FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Center (1)

2) Under "Additional Services," choose "Home World Transfer."

FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Center (2)

3) Select the “Submit Transfer Application” option.

4) Read and accept the terms of the Home World Transfer Service.

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5) Select the service account containing the characters you wish to transfer, then choose “Next.”

6) Under “Destination Home World Selection,” select the world you wish to transfer to, then choose “Confirm.”

7) Under “Current Home World and Character Selection,” choose the Home World your character is currently located on, press “Confirm,” then Select “Yes” on the character you wish to be transferred.

8) Enter your payment information on the next screen, and confirm your payment of the Home World Transfer fee ($18.00 USD).

Once these steps have been taken, the Home World Transfer application is complete.

If you still have any questions regarding this process, please see the following frequently-asked questions:

Why can’t I select the Home World I want to go to?

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What can I do if I’m unable to use the Home World Transfer service?

Why am I being told that my character’s name has to change?

Can I transfer characters I have on one Home World to multiple Worlds?

Can I move characters from multiple worlds to one single destination all at once?

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I forgot to include a character in my Home World Transfer application. How do I fix this?

I didn’t receive an email confirming that my character was transferred.

I finished the Home World Transfer steps, but my character hasn’t been transferred yet.

What data can be transferred with the Home World Transfer Service?

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How to contact Square Enix Support Center for details please? ›

square-enix [dot] com, or call our toll free number at 1-800-715-2450.

How long does Square Enix take to reply? ›

- After resume submission a phone response can be expected within 1-2 days.

Why do I keep getting a error (- 24202? ›

The (-24202) error is a technical error that occurs because temporary files, extensions or add-ons that browsers use interferes with the actions taken by the web site. Please change web browsers or delete cookies on your default browser.

What is error code 601 Square Enix? ›

The 401, 406 and 601 errors occur when a payment is rejected before it reaches the Square Enix systems. Since these issues are not occurring on Square Enix systems, we cannot make any active changes to help a payment go through.

How do I Unsuspend my Square Enix account? ›

To lift the login restriction, you will need to reset the password on the affected SQUARE ENIX Account. You will receive directions to reset the password in the automated email sent to your registered email address. Follow the directions to change your password in order to remove the login restriction.

Is Square Enix support open? ›

Contact Us

Email Support requests are available 24 hour a day / 7 days a week. Please note that while you may submit a request at any time, email is responded to during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 18:00 Pacific Time, excluding holidays).

How long does it take for customer service to reply? ›

Nearly half of all customers (46%) expect companies to respond faster than 4 hours. While 12% expect a response within 15 minutes or less.

How long is Square Enix lockout? ›

To keep your account information secure, the system will automatically lock your account for approximately 20 minutes after 7 consecutive attempts to log in using the incorrect username and password combination.

What is Ffxiv direct chat? ›

Direct chat mode allows you to enter a message simply by typing, rather than needing to select the chat entry field beforehand. However, enabling direct chat will disable keyboard shortcut keys.

How do I repair my Final Fantasy 14 launcher? ›

[Windows] I am having problems with the launcher
  1. Open Internet Options. ...
  2. Click on the Security tab and select the Custom level button.
  3. Scroll down to Active scripting. ...
  4. Click on the Privacy tab and then click the Default button if it is available.
  5. Click OK and then open the FINAL FANTASY XIV launcher again.

Why was my Ffxiv account terminated? ›

A Service Account Termination can be issued on a Square Enix account in the event of a severe violation being confirmed or repeated violations. A Service Account Termination will permanently remove your access to Final Fantasy XIV.

Why was my Ffxiv account suspended? ›

Service account suspensions are issued for severe policy violations. These types of suspension are usually issued to players committing the least severe service violations.

Can you get unbanned from FFXIV? ›

Once you've completed the form for your FFXIV unban appeal, press the “Next” button at the bottom of the page, and your ticket will be sent to the Square Enix Customer Support! Now that everything is done, wait until they review your FFXIV account unban appeal and get back to you with their reply via mail.

How long is account lockout FFXIV? ›

If you enter a wrong password in a few times, you'll be locked out without being told. I believe the lockout can last 15 minutes up to an hour.

How do I activate my suspended account? ›

Above the Users list, click Add a filter and choose User status. Check the Suspended box and click Apply. Reactivate. Tip: You can also find this option on the user's account page.

Does Square Enix support work on weekends? ›

In-game support in FINAL FANTASY XIV is provided by our Game Master (GM) support team. GMs are members of the SQUARE ENIX team and work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure a fair, safe, and fun experience for all of our players.

How long will Ffxiv be supported? ›

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 21, 2022) – SQUARE ENIX® has revealed its plans to continue support for the critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online for the next 10 years and announced some of the upcoming content players can look forward to as part of this goal.

Why did Square Enix stop selling ff14? ›

Final Fantasy XIV has achieved a measure of success so great that no other MMORPG will ever do. Square Enix has stopped selling the game to support the existing players, lest they want their servers to explode.

What do you do when customer service doesn't answer? ›

Ask to speak with a manager.

If a customer representative doesn't offer the resolution you want, stay calm and polite, but be persistent and ask for a manager or supervisor. A manager will likely have more flexibility and authority to resolve the issue.

How can I get customer service to answer faster? ›

15 Genius Tricks for Reaching a Customer Service Rep Way Faster
  1. Use Facebook.
  2. Or take your issue to Twitter.
  3. CC the CEO.
  4. Name drop the big boss.
  5. Search GetHuman before calling.
  6. Use an app like FastCustomer.
  7. Or opt into a company's callback service.
  8. Ask for a supervisor.
Jun 12, 2019

How long is too long for a response? ›

Reply within 30–60 minutes to play it a little cool.

While it's okay to reply later if you're actually busy, purposefully waiting to text somebody might feel disrespectful if you're available. If you had to make the person wait for more than an hour, offer them an apology and explain what kept you from messaging them.

How long until you get kicked out of Ffxiv? ›

In July 2021, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a system that kicked players after 30 minutes of inactivity.

How long until restrictions are lifted Ffxiv? ›

Character restrictions depend on server load and change during the day. The restrictions are updated every 4 or 5 hours.

Is there weekly lockout in ff14? ›

The weekly lockout resets every Tuesday, and the exact time can be viewed in the Currency menu in the Battle tab.

What does UWU mean FFXIV? ›

The Weapon's Refrain, commonly abbreviated by players as UWU (for "Ultima Weapon (Ultimate)") is an. Ultimate Raid released in Patch 4.31, "Under the Moonlight", of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

Do people talk in FFXIV? ›

Chat. The chat function lets you communicate with other players who are online. Speaking with your fellow adventurers is one of the most useful and enjoyable features of FINAL FANTASY XIV, so don't be shy, give it a try!

What does DH mean FFXIV? ›

Direct Hit - Stats FFXIV 6.11 | AkhMorning.

Is FFXIV quick launcher Bannable? ›

We have no reported cases of a user being banned for using XIVLauncher, Dalamud, or Dalamud plugins, but you should still exercise caution.

Can you restore a deleted character FFXIV? ›

If you have deleted a character by mistake, unfortunately we are unable to recover it.

How do I repair FF? ›

To Repair Your Own Gear

Open the subcommands for an item you wish to repair and select "Repair." This will display a list of all of the items that can be repaired, and you will be given the option to "Repair All." * You do not need to change character class to repair your own gear.

How do I get my Final Fantasy 14 account back? ›

To reactivate a Service Account for FINAL FANTASY XIV, log into the Mog Station and select "Reactivate Service Account" from the "Your Account" tab at the top. Follow the on-screen instructions to reactivate your Service Account. Please use the "Contact" button above if you wish to reactivate your Square Enix Account.

Does FFXIV delete inactive characters? ›

No. You don't delete a character. What you do is take away their name and when they decide to log back in they are forced to change it.

Does ff14 ban account sharing? ›

Please note that sharing account information is also a violation of the FINAL FANTASY® XIV User Agreement. Sharing this account information can lead to disciplinary action being taken against the account.

Is there a jail in Ffxiv? ›

Affiliation(s) Mordion Gaol is a location in Final Fantasy XIV. Separated from the in game story and Eorzea as well as virtually disconnected from the world used by players, the Gaol is where Game Masters (GMs) will place player characters for disciplinary or debugging reasons out of game.

What happens if you get reported in ff14? ›

If a report has been filed and the prohibited activity is confirmed, a penalty will be issued. Persistently moving to locations where someone is, despite being asked to stop the behavior.

Can you recover a Cancelled Square Enix account? ›

After cancelling your account, you will not be able to recover your SQUARE ENIX account, and all content and services associated with it, so please take caution before performing a cancellation.

How do I contact Square? ›

You can contact Square Customer Success through live chat or by phone. Our support number is 1-855-700-6000. We're available from Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm, PST. There may be a wait when you call, so feel free to use our callback option if you can't wait on the line.

Does Square Enix have a US office? ›


Location: 999 N. Pacific Coast Highway, 3rd Floor, El Segundo, CA 90245, U. S. A.

How do I recover my Square Enix ID without email? ›

If you have forgotten your SQUARE ENIX ID or password, access the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System and select the “Forgot your ID or password?” option below the “Log In” button. Follow the onscreen instructions to recover your SQUARE ENIX ID and/or password.

How do I find my Square Enix ID email? ›

- If you have forgotten your Square Enix ID, please log in to your Square Enix account with your e-mail address. You can then look up your Square Enix ID at the top of the page. - For a lost password, please use the password reset function.

Does Square have representative? ›

An Authorized Representative is a team member or associate who has access to some of your account information. Once you add someone as an Authorized Representative, they can call Square Support on your behalf and: Discuss transactions, transfers, and other account-specific details.

How do I dispute with Square? ›

1. File a Dispute
  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard or the Square app on your iOS device.
  2. Locate the charge and click on the more options icon (. . .).
  3. Select Dispute payment.
  4. Answer the questions about the charge (s).
  5. Review your answers and click Submit.

Who owns Square? ›

Block, Inc.

How much does a Square Enix employee make? ›

How much does Square Enix pay an hour? The average Square Enix hourly pay ranges from approximately $23 per hour for an undefined to $46 per hour for an undefined. Square Enix employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.8/5 stars.

Does Square Enix hire foreigners? ›

For those looking to work in Japan, Max shares that the following companies are open to hiring foreigners: Polygon Pictures Inc., Toneplus Animation Studios, Square Enix, and Anima Inc., to name a few.

Does Disney own Sora? ›

Sora and the Kingdom Hearts IP are 100% owned by The Walt Disney Company. Square Enix are only the developers! ) about who owns the character Sora. Disney is the copyright holder.

How do I recover my old ff14 account? ›

To reactivate a Service Account for FINAL FANTASY XIV, log into the Mog Station and select "Reactivate Service Account" from the "Your Account" tab at the top. Follow the on-screen instructions to reactivate your Service Account. Please use the "Contact" button above if you wish to reactivate your Square Enix Account.

Can you play ff14 without a Square Enix account? ›

1) You must log in with a SQUARE ENIX Account. You can also use a pre-existing SQUARE ENIX Account, as long as that account does not have a license for the retail version or beta of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Can I make a new Square Enix account with the same email? ›

Yes, there is no limit to how many Square Enix accounts a single customer may obtain. However, only one new Square Enix account may be created per e-mail address. You will not be able to obtain multiple Square Enix accounts with a single e-mail address.

What is my Enix ID? ›

If you are unable to locate your SQUARE ENIX ID, you should first attempt to log in using the email address registered to the SQUARE ENIX ID. Once logged in, the SQUARE ENIX ID should display at the top of the page.

Can I change my Square Enix account ID? ›

NOTE: Once your SQUARE ENIX account is created, you cannot update your SQUARE ENIX ID, first/last name, date of birth, and country/region. * If you are unable to log into the SQUARE ENIX Account Management System, confirm your SQUARE ENIX ID and reset your password if necessary.


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