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Done playing? Need some extra cash? Sell WoW accounts safely, easily, and instantly at AccountShark. Simply fill out the “Sell My WoW Account” form below to get a cash offer for your World of Warcraft account. If you are interested in our offer, we will send you additional instructions for finalizing your WoW account sale.

How To Sell WoW Accounts

Fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. The more we know about what your account has, the more accurate your quote will be. There is no obligation to sell your account just for filling out the form.

We want to get you the best quote possible for your account, and if you have a lot of details to look through it can sometimes take several hours for your submission to be fully reviewed. Please do not make multiple submissions for the same account.

Once we’ve reviewed your submission, you will receive a cash offer for your WoW account by email and instructions on how to finalize the sale.

Unlike other marketplaces, AccountShark does not make you wait for a buyer to be found before getting paid. We offer instant payments for all WoW accounts.

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How Do I Sell My WoW Account Safely?

Selling WoW accounts safely can be a tricky thing to figure out. There are many online marketplaces, auction sites, forums. and individual buyers to be found, and it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to figure out which resource is the most reliable. If you’re new to selling accounts, you may not know where to start. Selling your account to an individual on a forum or even eBay is one option, but it can be risky to deal with unknown third-parties when it comes to selling your account. Some auction-based marketplaces and forums allow third-party users to register and list their accounts for sale there. Oftentimes, those same places have a feedback system that enables users to collect feedback for successful sales. You can use those reviews as a metric for determining who you want to do business with based on which user seems the most credible. However, even if the forum or marketplace you’re using is reputable, the users you’re dealing with may not be. Those types of sites won’t help you if an issue occurs with your transaction. The safest way to sell WoW account is on a site that facilitates the transaction from start to finish without the risky variable of third-party users. At AccountShark, we do exactly that. When you sell your account, you only deal directly with us. We keep your data secure from start to finish. We don’t need access to your email, and the buyer never sees your email as we change it ourselves when securing the account. Other marketplaces will distribute your information, but we keep it private and secure. Buyers only get the essential login details to the account and nothing extra or superfluous. There’s no delay on payments, so once your account has been reviewed and secured, you get paid immediately. Other marketplaces and forums can’t offer the unparalleled level of peace of mind that we can. There is no better place to sell WoW accounts safely than AccountShark!

How Much Is My WoW Account Worth?

Every account is different, so in order to determine how much a WoW account is worth you would need to analyze all the key factors. Due to the vast variety of accounts and different aspects of the game that account buyers find appealing, it is impossible to put a firm value on anything. However, given all the details, it is easy to determine a rough estimate for what your account might be worth. The most expensive WoW accounts are those with large collections and up-to-date characters, whether that be for PvP or PvE playstyles. People looking to buy WoW accounts are typically after things in the game that are difficult to obtain, such as rare mounts, transmog sets, and other niche vanity items that may be elusive to them. Having a large collection of mounts, for example, adds a lot of value and intrigue to your account. If your vanity collection is solid but you have been absent from the game for several expansions, fear not. Your account is less valuable by proxy since it lacks any progress within the current expansion, but many aspects of the game hold their value indefinitely. Mounts such as the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent or Mighty Caravan Brutosaur are always highly sought after, and transmogs such as the MoP Challenge Mode Sets and Mage Tower Artifact Appearances are equally capable of holding their weight in terms of an account’s overall value. PvP accounts with Gladiator mounts or Rank 1 titles are extremely valuable and sought after. The least valuable accounts are those without much to offer at all, such as an account with a poorly geared character and a subpar collection of mounts or transmogs. Whether your account is stacked and full of all the best vanity items in the game or lacking anything cool, we can help you determine your WoW accounts value. Check out our How Much Is My WoW Account Worth comprehensive guide for more specific details on how to find the true value of your account.

Sell WoW Accounts Instantly

Unlike our competitors, we don’t make you wait around for a buyer to be found before getting paid. Consignments are no fun, and nobody likes to be left hanging for weeks, months, or even years at a time waiting for their account to be sold. At AccountShark, you can sell WoW accounts instantly for a same-day cash payout. We respect your time and won’t waste it. When you sell a WoW account on AccountShark, you are guaranteed to get paid the same day you accept our offer. We don’t drag you along for the rollercoaster ride of advertising your account, talking to potential buyers, renegotiating the set price, etc. That nonsense can take up weeks or months of your time. Who has time for that? Let us handle all the boring work while you sit back, relax, and get paid. Don’t waste your time trying to sell your account anywhere else - sell WoW accounts fast at AccountShark!

How To Sell WoW Characters

You may be attached to your account and not want to part with it, and that is perfectly fine. If you have a character you would like to sell, you can sell that character by itself and keep the rest of your account with everything on it. In order to sell a WoW character, you need to create a new account under your own name with Shadowlands. This can be done either by yourself in advance, or during transaction. Some marketplaces will only advertise your characters on consignment due to the fact that they are server locked for 30 days after transferring. This can be problematic for buyers looking to jump right into raiding if their guild is on another server. If you are selling a character on consignment, it will be transferred at the time of purchase when the buyer specifies what server they want it on. Once the new account is created, the character can then be transferred to that account, and that account can be sold instead of your main account. If your character earned unique transmog, your main account will still retain those appearances in its transmog Wardrobe for you to use. Most mounts will not transfer with your character, so you will not have many mounts on the new account if any at all. Check out our guide on What Transfers With a WoW Character to determine what your character will take with it once it’s transferred. Selling a WoW character is an easy alternative to selling a WoW account, and allows you to still keep your account if you are simply taking a hiatus and think you might return to the game. It is less profitable as a seller due to the limitations of what transfers, but it is a great way for you to still get paid for your efforts while still leaving the door to return to the game where you left off open. If you’ve finished the current raid tier and your character is collecting dust, another player may be interested in picking up the slack and buying your character to help their guild complete the raid. Whatever your circumstance may be, and if you are uncertain about selling your whole account versus one character, AccountShark will help you figure out the best path forward.


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